Another Holiday Makeover

Ah, but I do love makeovers. Economical. Fast. Satisfying.

This rather shapeless and oversized jumper was made of warm. soft stretch velvet in a lovely color–BLUE! (Yep, that’s Daughter serving as my model. Young Son, as agreeable as he generally is, just didn’t want to.)

I separated the top and bottom, shortening the skirt section but otherwise leaving it alone. That will help with the twirl factor.

Using an existing pattern, I cut a new bodice. Sleeves came from the excessive skirt length.

It turned into this nice little girl’s dress for a 7-year old in our neighborhood.  By using the existing hem and back ties, which don’t show in this picture, and preserving the button holes, buttons and finished neck seams of the bodice, over half the work was done for me. In all, it only took about 1-1/2 hours sewing time. 

The photography needs help, but, hopefully, you get the spirit of the thing. Merry Christmas!

12 thoughts on “Another Holiday Makeover

  1. how lovely…and perfect for any little princess to wear to a ball–well a pretty…you are remarkable..i see things and try to think what could i do with that but cannot think of a come up with so many ideas..

  2. It’s wonderful! And thanks to your talent and generosity, a little girl is going to feel like a princess this Christmas!

  3. WOW!!! You not only caused me to have a brain storm- you caused a full blown cranial monsoon!!! Now I know what I’ll do with several articles that I’ve been holding on to. I really like the idea of using the existing buttonholes-GENIUS! Lets face it, we only need so many throw pillows with button fronts!Well,I guess we all know whats on my weekend to-do list,what’s on yours? Thanks for the best idea of the month!!

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