And One For Me

In the flurry of holiday sewing and holiday makeovers, I decided that it was time to try one for me.  It is a lot more fun sewing for others.  It is much easier to be comfortable forming fabric to their bodies than to mine.  Issues? Oh, well, yes.  Maybe.  A few.

But, the desire for something new outweighed all other considerations.

This fabric object came home with me from the neighborhood clothing exchange in August.

The print was so much fun and felt a bit Christmas-y with the bold jewel-tone colors.

So, with just a few cut-and-snips it became a wrap skirt for me.  I wore it to church on Sunday and felt festive.

Free fabric and half finished before I started!  Can’t beat it!

10 thoughts on “And One For Me

  1. you are so clever when it comes to recycling clothes…that is a beautiful skirt and does look festive with that beautiful blouse…wish i was half as clever..thanks for showing us that..

  2. I have a sewing friend who can do things like this – see the potential in a hunk of fabric – and create something totally new and beautiful out of it. That is a wonderful skill to have! What a lovely skirt.

  3. It’s a beautiful skirt and your talent lies in being able to look at an object and see something special that can be made of it. Of course, being able to actually put it together is a necessary talent, too.

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