What Has Daughter Been Up To?

Well, besides working hard in school, practicing her music and helping me, she has managed to finish a few quilts.

She has some happy customers, too.  This red one was recently purchased by Susan, who shared a very kind review on her blog:

Nanny, Nanny, Boo, Boo! I have my own personal quilter! Oh, you might think you do, too, but really, mine is fabulous! She takes the colors I want and makes the best things all complete and ready to hang! She’s precise (corners meet!) and careful, turning out gorgeous pieces. And . . . she’s eleven! Yes, Miss Sparkle Jane is a terrific quilter already, and I’m very proud to have her latest creation hanging at the top of my stairs. It’s my third purchase from this very special young woman, and I’m thrilled to own each one. Isn’t this the best Single Irish Chain you ever saw? Perfect for Christmas, and all year through!

Also a few more:

Well, Susan might have some competition in the “satisfied customer” department if this “quilt inspector” keeps working hard to make sure nothing goes out less than terrific.  (Shhh…don’t  tell.  The kitty was not supposed to be in the house).  You can see all the quilts that have passed inspection by clicking SMALL QUILTS FOR SALE above.  Or, if you would prefer custom order, she accepts requests.

7 thoughts on “What Has Daughter Been Up To?

  1. Sparkle Jane is so successful because of her good workmanship but also because she has a real eye for color and color combinations…congratulations Jane and also to all your customers!!!!

  2. Gracious, your daughter is quite talented!! I wish mine had started earlier. She’s just now interested in getting sewing lessons. Finally…at the ripe old age of 25! 🙂

  3. I love the scrappy strip quilts. They remind me of the things the art critics said about the Gee’s Bend quilts. She does have an eye for what goes with what.

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