Chevron Quilting

Here is a little finish just because I wanted to finish a little something, and be able to warm up before starting to quilt the 100-patch quilt.

The quilt top was finished in August 2010 as part of a Friday Night Sew-in and has just been sitting around looking abandoned. 

Straight line quilting is the only kind of machine quilting I know, but I am trying to diversify a bit.  What was absolutely straight lines all the way across a quilt top has expanded to include a chevron shape.

It seems to give this otherwise plain quilt a little more interest.  Do you have any other quilting suggestions for this style quilt?

7 thoughts on “Chevron Quilting

  1. i really like the chevron quilting of my favorite hand quilting patterns for things done in a row like that is a wavy line or not know what to call it…but i don;t know how it would work doing it on the machine..but i do not think it would be an improvement over what you have already done..that took an awful lot of measuring and marking..beautiful work!!

  2. I think it looks wonderful and does give the straight lines more interest. I usually quilted curves or circles on straight line pieces, but I was using a longarm. One of the reasons I’ve signed up for the free motion quilting lessons this year is to learn to do more curves on the little machine. Do you have that site where she does a different free motion design every day for a year?

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