Friday Night Sew-in Plans

Tonight is the second Friday Night Sew-in (FNSI) for December.

I have only one plan.

Finally, something is being done about the quilting on this quilt.  It has a home now, and I want it to be there by Christmas.  Husband was watching me lay it out last night and said, rather doubtfully, “By Christmas?”  I am pretty sure I can make it, though.  The hardest stitch is the first one, right?

Oh, there are other things that I need to do, too. But, this is the overriding plan. I am about half-way through basting now.

More coming soon…check back here for an update tomorrow.  I am off for my morning walk, and then to crawl around on the floor with safety pins.  Note:  No pictures of THAT step. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Friday Night Sew-in Plans

  1. you will do it!!!!! i know you!!!!! and whoever is getting it will love it..don;t know what i am going to do for FNSI yet but i think get my finger foods ready for my family Christmas party tomorrow..but i might get some knitting sewing though ….happy holidays!!!!

  2. Love that quilt!!! I’m planning one similar to it for the ugly month of February-I’ll need the riot of color to counteract the brown and grey yuck out the window! I have no doubt that you’ll get it quilted by christmas. I bet you’re done on Thursday as an homage to the first day of winter. Happy Stitching!!!

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