FNSI Report: Bits And Pieces Add Up

What I WANTED was three hours of uninterrupted sewing.

What I GOT was bits and pieces of time scattered throughout the day.

What HAPPENED, though, was successful.

The 100-patch quilt is about half-way quilted. Thank heavens for my faithful Pfaff.

In between I tried a few of these.

No, that is not a bank robber. That is me! Modeling a balaclava.

What is a balaclava? That was my first question, too, when husband asked me to create one. But, with a little research, I found out what they are and drew up a pattern. Two are finished. Tutorial coming soon. If you live where it gets very cold, you might find that you want one yourself.

9 thoughts on “FNSI Report: Bits And Pieces Add Up

  1. your quilt is coming along fast..i just love that pattern and one of these days will put mine together..i didn;t know what those were called either..i knit 2 different kinds of them..have never tried sewing one so waiting for your tutorial…

  2. I have a balaclava, it’s great. I wear it when I walk the dog on those really cold windy days. Makes it bearable to be outside

  3. Any amount of time you can get can always be productive, keep plodding along. Too hot here for a balaclava. Hot, hot, hot this time of year in Australia. you do make a good model.

  4. I’m so excited that you go so much quilted! I love that scrappy looking quilt and I’m amazed at how you are quilting it – on what you are quilting it. The balaclava is interesting. Why did your husband want one? Is this for cold-face mornings in Utah?

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