100-Patch Disappointment

The 100-patch quilt (TUTORIAL above) is finished.  It may be delivered today, but probably not.  It is a bit disappointing, and undeniably my own problem.  Oh, the quilting went as well as my skill allows and it is still pretty, but the person really wanted a queen size quilt and after quilting and washing it is only 70″ wide.  That is not queen size in anyone’s book.  How did I ever think it would be?

So, I called her this morning to explain.   Yes, it is a gift, but one wants to give a wanted gift.  Right?  I offered to make her a different, larger one, by making it 16 blocks rather than 12.  It will be a while before it is finished, but I figure people would rather have something they really want later than something not quite right now.  We’ll see what happens. She wanted time to think about it.

The quilting marked a new direction for me. Yes, don’t gasp. Those are curves.

This idea from Lilabelle Lane inspired me to try something different in the center of the blocks. I didn’t want heavy quilting (not that I could do it anyway) because I wanted the variety of fabric to have space to shine. But, one needs a certain amount of quilting to hold the whole thing together. Paying for quilting just isn’t an option right now and having a growing pile of unfinished projects was very depressing, so something had to be done and this is what I came up with.

I love the large floral on the back.

And the gold binding.

Yep, I love just about everything about this quilt. Except that it is too small.  For a queen size bed. Not so bad on the double/full size bed shown above.

So–that is where my life is at right now.  I am afraid this sounds a little whiney, but I don’t mean it that way.  There is so much I am  grateful for and, if my friend doesn’t want this quilt then I get to keep it.  Now, there is something to smile about! 🙂

14 thoughts on “100-Patch Disappointment

  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! That is without a doubt the most scrapalicious quilt I have seen in a very long time! You have inspired me so much that I am starting my very own 100 patch wonder on Christmas Day as my present to myself.I know that I and just about anyone else who has followed your creative process would consider themselves blessed beyond measure to receive this as a gift,regardless of size! It is my humble opinion that if you have to think about it-You Do Not Deserve To Be Warmed By It!!! I truly hope that you get to keep this colorific coverlet of love!! You who brought it to life most certainly are worthy of being comforted by it’s majesty. I only hope my own turns out half as wonderful. Disappointment my $&!* !!!

  2. the quilt turned out beautiful but i know your dissappointment..my grand daughter wanted a ‘smaller’ twin size and it turned out to be a larger twin size…the quilting is beautiful…make her another one and keep this one for you..try it using the same pattern only have the pieces be an inch bigger than these…i think that will solve your size problem..and you can still have the same amount of blocks and the same layout..very pretty..you deserve it!!!!

  3. Oh no…I’m so sorry to hear that. I understand your disappointment…I would be too, especially if the recipient is lukewarm on wanting it.

    Can I just say that I would *love* to have that quilt? It is beautiful!

  4. Disappointing but a lovely finish for you. The quilting is beautiful.
    Maybe the quilt can be turned so the 4 blocks go across the bed and the 3 blocks are along the bed. I have a queen bed and do this as I don’t like the quilt over the pillows. You can then make some pillow shams to match. I am sure your friend is as disappointed as you and is feeling bad about offending you. Lend it to her for her recipient until a new one is made if a new one is what she wants. Just a thought here…..maybe we could make a block for you. I would be more than happy to do that.
    Either way the quilt truly is gorgeous no matter who ends up with it.

  5. Hey the quilt looks super! I am in Australia and have made about 10 blocks of this quilt so far. I had lots of 2 1/2 strips and didn’t want to cut them down so have made my 100 patch with 2 1/2 squares. It’s certainly coming out bigger. Maybe that’s an idea you could use for next time ? It will certainly be queen size! Also I have used cobalt blue as the sashing and it’s looking amazing. Thanks so much for the idea – I’m loving it. Cheers Sylvia

  6. Your quilt is beautiful. I would never have thought of it shrinking that much either. Hopefully everything will work out for you.

  7. Were I the woman, I would snatch this one right up. You can always put it sideways. I did that for years with a quilt! LOL. Or put a pretty something under it.

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