Daughter’s Flowers

Daughter (Sparkle Jane) wanted to make a little something for her friends for Christmas.

Singed flowers. For hair clips.

Lots of cutting. (She is a little obsessive about her layout.  Can you tells he is a quilter?)

Lots of singeing.

My house smelled like the site of an ironing accident for two days, but they turned out really nice.  Amazing how fast they go from “Now, don’t play with fire” to THIS.  Where does the time go?

**By request:  Here is a tutorial that is very similar to the method she used:  http://restorativeliving.blogspot.com/2010/10/singed-flower-tutorial.html  Try it.  It is easy and gives spectacular results.  Do, though, test your fabric first to make sure it will “singe” properly.  Just because it is shiny does not mean it will work***

9 thoughts on “Daughter’s Flowers

  1. how beautiful!!! never heard of them…do we get a tutorial??? she is such a talented gal..you have done a good job raising her..!!!!

  2. Beautiful flowers from such a talented young lady. Yes, don’t blink or she will be all grown up. A happy and joyous Xmas to you and your family.

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