Works In Progress List

It is that time of the year again. Time to take stock. Time to assess one’s situation. Time to be really honest. Time to cringe a little.

Here is my pile of started-yet-unfinished quilting projects.  I thought and dug around and got them all out and put them in a pile to be evaluated.

Hmmm…that is a little embarrassing.  You can tell that I am a use-what-you-have kind of person.  Some are stored in shoe boxes, some in ziplock bags, one in a tote bag,  and a few just flapping around loose. 

But, perhaps, now that they are assembled, listed and right out in the open, I will pay proper attention to them:

1. Jewel Box Quilt

2. YCC Quilt

3. Six-Squared Quilt

4. Four Patch Leader-Ender

5. Husband Quilt

6. Harvest Sky #2

7. Civil War Quiltalong

8. Oh My Stars Quiltalong

9. Vintage Quilter’s Throw

10. String Quilt

11. Brother Quilt

12. Quilted Jacket

13. Ruby Quilt

14. Quasar “Something”

So, 14. It should be noted that only one of these projects is more than a year old.  The perennial Jewel Box Quilt, which I have listed as number 1, is nearly three years old.  This WILL be the year.  Why should I let it languish?

For the next little while I will be blogging about each of these, hopefully showing progress and reducing the size of the list.  (Wouldn’t it have been perfect if there were only 12 of them?  It was tempting to leave off the Ruby Quilt and the Oh My Stars Quilt as nothing has been done on either of them, but they are in my head.  That counts, right?)

Here’s to 2012!

ps–This list also does not include finished tops waiting to be quilted.  That is another painful list, but not as long as it was a year ago.  I think there are about 10 of them. Subject for another day.

11 thoughts on “Works In Progress List

  1. A nice long list!!! You will have fun getting those done in 2012 and have such a feeling of accomplishment. I, too, have been working in my sewing room this morning… dust bunnies everywhere. Got the Christmas stuff out of their (paper, bows, empty stockings, etc) I want to finish 3 WIPs that are in there and am planning some new ones.

  2. Good on you, making a list and being accountable. I’m not that brave. I know what ‘being in my head’ means. This week was meant to be making swap blocks but I just had to cut 2 quilts out that were in my head. One is just cut and the other I started sewing. I have now got side tracked with a mystery quilt and have finished 4 clues. I will do the next 3 to-morrow. I also want to do the ‘O my stars’ quilt along. Maybe we can start it together.

  3. i think lists are great!!!!! it keeps me focused–not necessarily doing anything on them but it does keep me focused when i do decide to work on what you can..i am going to make my list and put it on my bulletin board and see how many i can accomplish ion the new year..p.s. i have same charm squares as you do on the oval box at the bottom plus a couple of yards of the main fabric..i intend to do something with them this year..that is my ‘jewel box’..had them for 2 or 3 years!!!

  4. I need to take stock as well. I participated in a UFO bust this year and it really helped me to finish some things. It also helped me to finish the new projects I started during the year.

  5. I’m not sure “idea” quilts do count. =) Maybe those are 2013 quilts! I didn’t finish all the projects I wanted to in 2011, but I did finish more than if I hadn’t listed them for myself.

  6. And I thought it was a short list! Really I have heard many say they have 40 or more. I like to keep between 10 and 20 tops in progress.A few for every mood. I hear the national average for number of projects started each year by dedicated quilters is only 12. Isn’t it odd that survey never asks how many ufo’s are in their closets?

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