Thank You, Carol!

Carol recently sent Daughter and me a box of scraps.  We love scraps.  Did I mention that we have a charity that gives a loving home to scraps? (Well, that is a different topic.) 🙂

Anyway, among other wonderful things in the box were some orphan quilt blocks.

Ta-dah!  Potholders!

Thank you, Carol.

8 thoughts on “Thank You, Carol!

  1. what a great idea for using orphan blocks..i have several…i gave my box of them to a friend to pick out the ones she wanted–she used them to make table runners for end tables for gifts–and she brought back several of them so now i know what to do with them..oh boy!!!! another project on my growing list for 2012!!!!! happy new year everybody!!!!

  2. Thanks to all for the dose of inspiration! I have resolved to do something with as many of my u.f.o.’s,orphan blocks and just messing around project starts as is humanly possible.The drawer they are kept in is bursting at the seams ! And then for being so organized and accomplishing so much I’m going to treat myself to some fabric and a few other goodies!

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