Three Days To A Better Me

Shelly of Prairie Moon Quilts issued a challenge:

2011 Final Countdown

The idea was that in three days you could be a better you (or something like that) by taking on a daily task that would help you send out the old year with a bang (and be ready for the new year, too).

So, on day one I tackled the big-ugly item. She asked us to take care of a pile. I took care of THE PILE. During the year I was kindly gifted quite a lot of non-quilting fabric. While this blog has a lot of quilting on it, I also do clothing, refashions and occasional odd items like tote bags for Boy Scout grills. This requires other types of fabric, yes, but it was completely out of control.

I don’t have a BEFORE picture, but here is the DURING.  Whoa!  That is BAD!

Here is part of the going away pile.

Here is the after. Whew! That was day one.

Day two: Pick a sewing task you have been putting off and do it.

So, I sorted and organized my basket of background fabrics.

And a few other things that I didn’t take pictures of, like my patterns, crochet stuff and embroidery items. More needs to be done in this area.

But, here is the AFTER of the thread drawer. Progress!  I’ll take that.

Day three: UFO.

You know what it has to be. The Jewel Box quilt.

So, here it is in its bag. Three year bag.

And that is as far as it got.

I was distracted by some work on my 4-patch quilt.

And then decided to quilt and get ready for binding a small project:  Vintage Quilts Throw. 

I chose this one because it can be finished by the end of the week.  That would be a nice start to 2012, I think.

Thank you, Shelly, that was just the push nudge I needed.  I feel great everytime I walk into my sewing room.  Even Husband noticed the difference.  He walked in there today and said, “It feels like there is a lot more space in here.”  That is a good sign.

And, I really will get on that Jewel Box Quilt.  Next.

11 thoughts on “Three Days To A Better Me

  1. Fantastic job! Your space looks so wonderful after getting rid of that pile. I had worked all day, and My Cowboy popped in to visit, and I said: “It’s looking better in here, isn’t it?” He looked around a bit, and said “Um . . . no . . . not really . . .” At least I can depend on him to be honest!

  2. Good for you! Too bad I didn’t read that post. LOL. Of course, I have the sick excuse. I could still *start* my year by doing something wonderful like that. Question: Do you use the teflon thing under your bigger quilts?

  3. Looks fantastic! I tackled my cut scrap bins tonight – sorted the scraps i had cut actually INTO the bins they go into and discovered an entire worktable! Felt great!

  4. Wow! congratulations, you got further than me. I decided to clean my sewing room also. But bless his heart, my mister ‘now in the dog house’ told me I had a bigger mess. I wouldn’t say it out loud, but he was right. I spread to 2 other rooms, tomorrow I will head for the shops and buy 2 small cupboards to hide…..opps..put more stuff away. And I also got 80, 3 1/2″ swap blocks done ready to mail. Good start to the New Year for both of us.

  5. i didn;t know about this challenge so all i did was get ready for my niece’s wedding yesterday afternoon but i am going to do the challenge starting this morning for the next 3 days…you have ‘nudged’ me in the right direction with all your work…i need to sort sort sort today!!!! happy new year!!!!

  6. My immediate goal is to clear and sort a big, deep drawer I had set aside for the Barbara Brackman Civil War quilt. Now, that all the blocks are finished, I’m ready to go through all that fabric and get it into other storage areas so I can use it on other probjects.

  7. I’d love to see your finished jewel box! I think that is probably my favorite traditional pattern, though I have never made one. I think I’ll add that to my list!

  8. Kudos on your progress,not many things look quite as pretty as an organized thread bin,reminds me of a do-it-yourself rainbow. But seriously girl, you are MUCH too hard on yourself over the going away material. I have found that if a grandchild or pet cannot be lost within the mass then there is still oodles of room left! I must admit that I am a lifelong sufferer of “I-Might-Need-That-Someday” Syndrome and have found that keeping a fat quarter {give or take] of everything makes parting a sweeter sorrow. Besides there may come a time when turquoise,harvest gold and a smattering of deep plum paisley printed polyester could aid in the advance of world peace! In the meantime I just Love spacebags………

  9. Great job! Doesn’t it feel great to go into the New Year with a cleaned up room? I’m so happy I did this challenge again. And looks like from your other post, that you did manage to get the Vintage Quilts throw done! Woohoo! You’re really starting the year off with a bang!

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