Quilt In Natural Habitat

It is always gratifying to find a quilt given with love being used with love.  We visited Number One Son and DIL #1 for a brunch Christmas Eve Morning.

In the front room was this.

All out on a bench and ready to be used.  With fun pillows that she made as part of her new homemaking skills.

And, accompanied by a super-cute DIY frame collage.  With stitcheries.  She made them, too.  You go, DIL!

I made the quilt in July 2009, before I started blogging.  The fabric is primarily Tula Pink’s Neptune Collection and the pattern was called Diamonds are Forever, or something like that.  It was professionally quilted.

It was a Christmas gift that year.  So, two years later, it is still being loved. That makes my day!

9 thoughts on “Quilt In Natural Habitat

  1. It sure doesn’t take much to make we M.I.L.’s happy! Please ask D.I.L. to be a pal and share those adorable pillow patterns! What do you call that Pattern? I really like that and would love to use it. The picture frames are also a really cute idea. If that’s where she’s starting she is really going to be one to watch as time goes on! I am also blessed with a creative d.i.l. who’s learning by leaps and bounds and it sure does the heart {and yes the ego!}abasket of good to be asked for advice etc…

  2. i love the quilt and i think the wall of framed stitchery is just such a clever idea…the quilt on the bench is such a good idea..i love it when my quilts are being used and especially if they are being used for something other than beds..you are lucky but she is even more lucky…

  3. I love visiting my quilts. I gave a quilt to my brother and sil when they got married. When I visited them several years later, I saw it on the couch, well-loved, well-used and well-washed.I loved to see the wear, how useful it was to them and yet still in good enough shape where she could display it on the couch. Your quilt looks great in its home, and your dil sure has a talent for putting things together to make a lovely home.

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