First Finish For 2012: Vintage Quilts Throw

What a nice way to start the New Year. One item less on my 2012 Works in Progress List.  This one is Vintage Quilts Throw.

This little quilt started as a pieces that came in a scrap bag.  They were small panels with these cute quilt scenes on them.

At first I was going to make potholders out of them, but that would ruin them too quickly and I really liked them.

But, how do you make a quilt out of 5 pieces?

Then, I stumbled across Sheri K. Falls’ This and That Patterns and found this FREE pattern there.  It called for six stitchery blocks and in different sizes, but that could be overcome.

I stitched up this little saying as one block.

Changed the border size on a few blocks to make them fit the pattern.

Dug through scraps to come up with the right colors.

Got really brave with quilting.

Even added a label! (See that little thing in the upper corner. That still needs to be stitched down.)


One down, thirteen to go.

Happy 2012!

10 thoughts on “First Finish For 2012: Vintage Quilts Throw

  1. i love that..i had some of the vinatge pattern fabric years ago when i made and sold throws…i sold a lot of them..the colors were great and the print was so bright and colorful..i did them whole cloth..but i love the blocks pretty..good for you getting your list started already…i plan to start on mine today..

  2. Wow, I love it! What a great setting for those panel pieces. That must have been so much fun putting it all together. The FMQ is great and love the embroidery bit. Awesome job!

  3. That’s the way to kick off a year!! Just wonderful. I really like the outer border,I do believe I wil be trying that on a few of my upcoming finishes. But it sure doesn’t seem that small to me-what is the finished size on that one? The way you tied all the different block sizes together looks like it was absolutely effortless. What’s your secret? Try as I might I have a ways to go before I get results to rival yours.Practice practice practice………

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