Scrappy Happy Twins

The first one was so much fun, I had to make another one.

Actually, it is a sample for my local quilt shop.  When the owner saw the first one, she thought a similar quilt would be nice to hang in the shop.

What a difference fabric choice makes.  At first glance you might not recognize them as twins.

I am so happy with this pattern, I just might have to make it again.  There is a lot you can do with the “empty” space of the panels.  Stitchery.  Small panels.  Maybe even other pieced blocks.  Ideas?  Anyone?

PS–The pattern can be found HERE.

7 thoughts on “Scrappy Happy Twins

  1. i like that..i have 3 pieces of small panels all of which would make great little quilts or does show how different one pattern can look using a different set of fabrics..beautiful!!

  2. I love both your versions! I’ll have to remember this one. I can see doing one for both my kids…maybe cross stitch or crewel work in those panel pieces?

  3. I love the new version. Gives me an inspiration to use a lot of stitcheries I have worked and haven’t yet put into anything. Been and downloaded the pattern and also the sticks and stones one.

  4. They are both beautiful, but you’re right – what a difference the color palette makes in the look of it. I like the handkerchief print you used in this one.

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