9 thoughts on “Which Foot?

  1. i have tried it but i found it really different too but in a bad way..i found out i cannot control my left foot like i can my right one..my left foot in just a very few minutes starts to shake and i lose control of what i am doing..so i use my right foot..i am a right handed person although i do a lot of things with my left hand…maybe that has something to do with it?? being right handed using my right foot???it will be interesting to see what others have to say..one of the machines i had years ago you could put the foot up in the side of it and use your knee..i liked that and i did use my left knee..

  2. I’m a right-footed sewing machine driver, but now I’m using my left foot out of necessity. I cannot work the pedal with shoes on, and since my right foot has been either in a cast or boot for the past four months, it was left foot or nothing!! I haven’t had any issue with it, and I’m very definitely right-handed … but then I also have driven a manual transmission car for many years and my left foot is used to being put to work. I wonder if that’s what makes the difference? 🙂

  3. I feel like I have to tell you that you have some truly interesting thought processes and I most definately appreciate being included in the loop!! I too was forced into left foot service several years ago and it was fine. Not good,not bad,just fine.I think Denise may be on to it though because I too can drive a stick shift. That may be it,who knows.. I am right handed.

  4. I’m right footed here too, but also am right handed. I’ve never tried using my left foot. And I haven’t driven a manual car for many years. Automatic is the way for me. Maybe a stop start button feature might be on the cards for the next machine I get. I will ask my BF (left handed) which foot she prefers to use going on the assumption we use our right foot because we are right handed. I prefer to sew standing up myself, it is easier on my lower back

  5. I’m right foot, but have used the left occasionally, particularly with a Featherweight. In fact, I once sat on the floor and used a hand on the pedal. =) It didn’t feel uncomfortable, but I do some things left-handed, being the right-handed sister born between two lefties. I’m sure it’s because my older sister taught me some things. Being left-handed, it makes sense that you’d feel comfortable using your left foot.

  6. I think I used to always sew with my right foot, but now I use my left, I think it’s just because of what fits best under my sewing table. I also now sew with the heel of my foot rather than the toe. I turn the pedal around backwards so the high end is under my heel and the low end is under my toe. This is because my foot is rather long and to fit the pedal and my foot under the desk properly (I have a horn desk), I had to have my leg bent so far under the chair is was uncomfortable. This way I can tuck my toes under the end of the desk and have my leg stretched further forward.

    That is for my sewing machine, for my overlocker I tend to use which ever foot lines up with the pedal best, which varies as things get kick around on the floor and it moves LOL

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