Twelve Teasers

Here are the sampler blocks for the mini quilt.

It is hard to resist 3″ cuteness. They will be set on point with white alternating blocks. Probably a bright teal binding. All happy scraps from the larger quilt recently finished for the quilt shop.

Right now what I need is a good name for this thing.  Mini Sampler Quilt is descriptive, but not very catchy. Suggestions?

ps–Tutorial coming the first part of the week.

13 thoughts on “Twelve Teasers

  1. i love it!!!! what about calling it Spring Fever??? it looks so springy and summery…love the colors and can hardly wait for the tutorial..i will not live long enough to make all these quilts you keep teasing us with!!!!!!!!

  2. This is just too cute!! Those 3″ blocks are wonderful-how can you not love them!? Teal binding will be great, what are your thoughts on backing? How about calling it “January Smiles” because generally it doesn’t,or up until now anyway! No matter what you call it, adorable speaks for itself.

  3. I like the idea of January Smiles … or Winter Brights or something along those lines … even the idea of capturing Spring sounds fun! This will be so pretty! 🙂

  4. Which Way Is Up? LOL That just came to mind as I looked at them. They are adorable, and will make such a cute little quilt, but I feel no desire to make 3 inch blocks. =) Now my best friend . . . I’ll have to point this out to her and she’ll want to.

  5. I LOVE THESE!!!!! How about “Teaser Pleasers”? Or what about “Mini Me”? Maybe “Spring Smiles”??? :o) PLEASE do a tutorial on these little beauties! I’d love to hang one up in my sewing room! “Happiness Happens”??? Have fun coming up with a name!!! :o)

  6. How about “Waking up” as in post hibernation or “Morning Cheer”. The world must seem so bright for the animals waking up after months of snuggly slumber. Thanks for sharing. I love ALL of your work 🙂
    Avis x

  7. Too cute!!!my first thought was ‘bright buttons’. Whatever you name the quilt, I can’t wait to start one. I have so many scrap pieces out at the moment just screaming ‘pick me! pick me!!!!’.

  8. I think I like January Smiles the best – we all need some smiles in January.

    And I’ll be smiling if you are able to post a tutorial next week.

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