Shop Quilt Finished

When I took the top in the owner asked me if I would go ahead and finish it.  While nervous about sharing my limited quilting skills, I said OK.

So here it is in all its scrappy glory.

With a bright binding. And a stripy back.

And some fun blocks.

And done and delivered!  Nice way to spend part of a Saturday.

And Daughter and I got to spend some quality time at the quilt shop.  Not shopping, except for some sashing, but definitely enjoying each other’s company and sharing a love of fabric. Oh, my, I am a spoiled mother.

12 thoughts on “Shop Quilt Finished

  1. beautiful!!! and you are not spoiled!!!! you are LOVED!!!!!!! thank you for showing us the finished is soooo springy looking..

  2. It’s beautiful! You must be so thrilled. So are the panels you used, part of a current line one can buy now? They are so sweet. I’d love to make this one for my daughter.

  3. Beautiful job!! Just a happy,cheerful layout that makes me smile just looking at it.Instead of the hankie looking panel blocks I’ve got some embroidered sunbonnet girl blocks to use instead.It will be perfect for one of the three grand daughters I’m blessed with! Thanks for the free download information. An afternoon in a fabric shop is always a lovely way to spend a day,soaking up all that inspiration! I’m convinced the smell of the dyes and fibers promotes a sense of calm and well being!

  4. The quilt is great and it’s also great that you got to share an interest with your daughter. That can last for a long time – My 57-year-old daughter and I still share a lot of interests.

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