Introducing “Sew Small Sampler”

OK, it is a name more descriptive than creative, but here is…

Sew Small Sampler Quilt

 Pardon me while I smile.  Such happy colors. That, along with the small size, makes it fun to look at. 

But, don’t look too close or you will see my less-than-perfect piecing.  And stitching. Working on such a small scale has its challenges.  But, it also has rewards.  Cuteness is one of them.

And, true to my resolve, it is labeled.

The pattern/tutorial is coming.  Twelve blocks makes for a lot of writing. Thank you for being patient.

And it doesn’t help that Monday night involved a mechanical failure (as yet undiagnosed) on our car, Algebra homework on graphing absolute value equations, and a lost flute (Daughter found it under her bed).  The joys of family life are numerous, but sometimes interfere with sewing. And blogging. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything!  Life is a struggle, and there are no people I would rather struggle along with than the ones I am blessed to have in my life.

13 thoughts on “Introducing “Sew Small Sampler”

  1. Sew small is sew sweet! The 3″ blocks are just precious and what you call ‘less than perfect’ stitching just adds that much more to the charm. Whenever you get the tutorial ready will be just fine with us. This seems lke a perfect project to experiment a bit with. I wonder how it would look in the solid blocks if I used a traditional quilting block pattern done in french and bouillion knots instead of traditional stitching…. Any opinion? What are you going to do with sew small?

  2. how darling!!!! i love it..the colors are great..such a good combination!!! what a perfect wall hanging..can hardly wait til the did a great job sewing it..i understand about the small pieces and getting it done but i will try..thanks for showing us that..and for the future hurry—-believe me no hurry!!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! This turned out SEW cute!!! I can’t wait to try one! All I’ve done so far is larger quilts (one queen and a few lap quilts) with BIG pieces – I’ve never done a mini-quilt – and this one looks like a perfect one to start with! I don’t have much of a “stash” yet, so I can’t wait to go buy fabric for this little beauty! Hmmm . . . I wonder what colors I should use??? 🙂

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