8 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. we’re still waiting here in the thumb of MI..getting snow in dribs and drabs once in awhile but today it is pouring rain..supposed to be in the high 30’s low 40’s all week..so no real winter yet!!!! glad you are getting some snow..we’ll probably get ours when we should be getting spring!!!! lol

  2. Oh dear!!! can’t say I’d enjoy that. It looks cold…….give me my sunny climate anyday. Though to-day is one of our typical on top of the mountain drizzly foggy days. I had to go to my local shopping centre at 5.30am this morning and do my half hour walk in the under cover carpark. Though it is good weather to be bunkered up in the sewing room. Yeah!! for me.

  3. We’ve got lots here in Fairview and still coming! My hubby and I just got home from Cedar City after taking our son out to lunch (he’s a poor college student at SUU!!) and the roads on I-15 were TERRIBLE!!! Took us about twice as long to get home! LOTS of cars slid off the road! I’m an EMT (off-duty right now) and we just got paged. It’s gonna be a busy night for ambulances and tow trucks! :/ Great night for sewing, though!!! 🙂

  4. All I can think is, “That poor cat!” LOL We used to have a cat that would walk in the snow when required. He’d pick up a paw and shake it, put it down, pick up the next one and shake it. Slow progress. LOL

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