Sweet Daughter’s Sweet Quilt

Here is a recent finish by Sparkle Jane, that remarkable 11-year-old quilter.

She designs, cuts, pieces, sandwiches, quilts and stitches down the binding her self.  And, in this case, pieces the back.

When you look at the label you can tell she is 11.

I think it is sweet.  Almost bitter-sweet. Someday very soon we will all look at this and say that it went by so fast.

 You can see more of her work in the DOLL QUILTS FOR SALE tab above.

9 thoughts on “Sweet Daughter’s Sweet Quilt

  1. how pretty and springy!!! she does such a good job–she was taught by a master!!! i love the way she has laid out the colors..i am glad she has such a hobby…it will go with her thru life..

  2. What a great skill you have passed on to your daughter! Something she will definitely treasure all her life! She’s done a great job with all her little quilts! Does she teach lessons?!?!? 🙂

  3. Miss Sparkle has made another beautiful little quilt. Congratulations to her. The years do go too fast so soak up every hour with her now.
    DH and I were only discussing the rapidness of time on the week-end. We were laughing about how old we were getting (don’t look it or feel it…wink..wink) our oldest will be 40 this June and our baby 28 in April. Where did those years go?

  4. It’s so amazing that she has these skills at age 11. And not only the skills, but the continuing interest in quilting. Wonderful.

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