Librarian Quilt

In 2007 the librarian of the school Young Son and Daughter were attending retired.  She had served for over 20 years.  She knew every child in the school.  And what they liked to read. And held special books just for them.  She was the salvation of Young Son during a particularly difficult time and became a friend to us all.

How do you say thank you for that?

With a quilt, of course.

Machine pieced and hand quilted.  It was delivered with love and a few tears washing it ready for use.

Even though this was only a few years ago, my quilting style has changed.  It probably wouldn’t have poly batting in it now, but that was what I had at the time.  Also, I would possibly put a bright binding on it, perhaps from one of the pinwheel fabrics, to give it a stronger frame.  I don’t remember for sure, but I think the back was the same fabric as the wide border.  The quilting and the colors–I love them still!

Husband saw our librarian around town a while back and she mentioned the quilt–still loved and appreciated.  That is great to hear.

9 thoughts on “Librarian Quilt

  1. i absolutely love that!!!!! i too have worked in many libraries over the years and know that she will appreciate the quilt and the thoughts and love that went into it..i love the setting..pinwheel is one of my favorite if not my favorite pattern and i have never thought about doing it that way..maybe i will reconsider the setting in a quilt i am working on now..thanks for showing us that and the colors are just should put that one in the fair!!!!!

  2. I love that quilt design! The raspberry pinwheels make the whole quilt move, and the circular quilting is perfect, as well as the flowers looking like they are blowing in the wind. What a treasure you gave her!

  3. I love the quilt – what a perfect gift. Anyone who is that thoughtful and sensitive with children will be sure to treasure a handmade quilt.

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