Civil War Top Complete

Here it is, Barbara Brackman’s 150th Anniversary of the start of the American Civil War quiltalong. Or, at least 42 out of 56 blocks from that quiltalong.

SIDE NOTE:  Daughter and Young Son are holding the quilt.  Crooked.  You can tell they are really different sizes.  Just look at the feet.

Anyway, I really appreciate all of you who took the time to consider the alternating block options and give your thoughts on the matter.

Unfortunately, I could only use one of the options.  Two things factored into my final decision on this quilt:  1.  I thought the dark, when multiplied, would seem to make the lighter pieced sampler blocks sort of float.  I am not sure I achieved that effect.  It is busier than I anticipated.   2. Husband, who rarely has an opinion, said that he liked the solid sashing more.  We have to take those men into consideration occasionally. Also, I was sort of ready to be done with it and the multiple sashing would have been more time. (But, I suppose that isn’t a very good reason.)

I try very hard to be a real person (flaws, fatigue and failures included) on my blog.  So far, that has attracted very real readers.  People who have opinions and are free to express them.  Perhaps I am just lucky, but all of those very real readers, have been nothing but supportive.  Not gushy, thank goodness.  That would not suit me. But very helpful, encouraging (AND HONEST!). Thank you again for taking the time to read and share your ideas.

So, here it is.  For what it is.  I will set it aside for a month or so before quilting it.  It was intended as a Christmas 2012 present.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, on to the next project…

14 thoughts on “Civil War Top Complete

  1. I am truly speechless!! That is a truly beautiful work of art and labor of love. Hubby was absolutely right in his input-made it even better! I rather liked the footed “quilt rack” all the finest homes have had or do have them! Whomever this beauty is intended for as a gift must be incredibly loved and of the highest importance,because I have to admit that if it were my creation I would force a heady dose of selfish and never turn it loose! I don’t envy you having to choose a backing, I hope it will be easier for you than it would be for me. I raise my 3rd cuppa joe and salute you! BRAVISSIMO!!! It’s a lovely thing to start such a gloomy day in Indiana with an image of so much beauty and color.If this doesn’t deserve a moment of “gush” could you tell me just what would? Just wonderful!!!

  2. It looks fabulous which is a great thing after SO MUCH WORK. It is truly an accomplishment to be proud of. And you are right, when hubbies care enough to express an opinion about our quilts, we should take note!

  3. I don’t know if I could part with this one. I would really have to love the recipient of the quilt. The setting and sashing really work with these blocks. The quilt looks amazing. Like you, my husband rarely makes a comment about my sewing, so when he does I really listen. I have collected all of Barbara’s blocks, but haven’t started to make them. My excuse is that the Civil War took more than 1 year, so I still have time to start.

  4. beautiful and i do like the single dark sashing although my opinion was i liked the double..but you were right and so was your husband..good man!!! i think that is why all of us like you and your blog so are a real person…and you value our opinions as we value yours..thanks for being our friend.,and thanks for showing us all your beautiful work!!!! p.s. this would make a great wall hanging!!!!! i love really impressive quilts hung on a wall…

  5. It is a beautiful finish! I love the way it looks, and the four-patches add a lot of authentic design element. Well done, thou good and faithful quilter! =) Lucky person who receives it better appreciate it!

  6. Congratulations on a great finish. Dark or busy, it turned out beautiful. Your choice was right. Hubby’s opinion has never seen you wrong. I also love your 4 footed quilt rack. That is priceless.
    ps. thanks for the little sampler quilt tutorial. Set out really, really well.

  7. This is fabulous — it really is. And I love it with the dark green borders and don’t think it looks particularly busy, either. It must feel *very* good to have this top finished!! Enjoy the break as you mull over the quilting! 🙂

  8. I’m gonna gush for a minute- this is really pretty. The bordered four-patch blocks make a really pretty setting for the 42!! different blocks. I love the green triangles around the edge, too.
    Orange has been growing on me for the past few years. I never liked it, but it’s my son’s favorite- because of pumpkins, his obsession from ages 2-7 🙂 An orange quilt would be very happy!

  9. Congratulation on getting you CW quilt together, like the green sashing, It has interesting to see the different colors that quilters have used. I still have the last three blocks to finish, I must admit it has been on the back burner.

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