Drum Roll Please!

The Jewel Box Quilt is out of its grocery sack and on to the design floor.

Big step!  That is Daughter carefully unloading the stack using the photo printout as a guide.  She let the cat in, who promptly decided the occasion called for a Kitty Quilt Quality Inspection.

The cat was invited to leave.

I had nearly forgotten what the quilt looked like. It has been more than a year, make that two years, since it was last out of the bag.

That is the picture Daughter used to lay it out.

Funny what we forget.  Apparently at one point I was considering a 4-patch border and made many pieces preparing for that.

What will I do for the borders?  I don’t know.  But I am quite sure.  Almost quite sure, that it will not be a four patch.  So, these are being sent to the four-patch pile.  How convenient that they are the right size.

By the end of the weekend the quilt looked like this.

(That orange section worries me. )

Just a few more blocks to go and then it is assembly time.  Why have I put this off for three years?

16 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please!

  1. you have put this off for so long because to me it is a complicated quilt–or should i say very involved and you probably got tired of it..i love it!!! so pretty..the pattern i have does not show it laid out like that–i mean the color scheme and it is too late if i ever get to mine to do it this way..but this one is so pretty..i say a ‘rainbow’ border with each piece matching the block it is by…but a solid darker border would be pretty too..good luck on your finish..i have several UFOs that i have had tucked away a lot longer than that….

  2. I love this layout!!! And the colors!!! I have this quilt on my “Bucket List” to make someday. Mine is called Jacob’s Ladder, though, and mine will be scrappy using leftover fabric from another quilt on my list. Are those two different quilts (Jewel Box Quilt and Jacob’s Ladder Quilt) or just two different names for the same thing? Anyway, yours looks awesome! Can’t wait to see it finished!!! 🙂

  3. That’s one of my favorite patterns and on the list of to-do with batiks. Your colors are fabulous, and the orange doesn’t worry me in the least. I like the way the colors are not sharply defined but sort of drift into each other. Beautiful quilt!

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