Eighteen of Thirty-six

Slooowwlllyyy moving towards a finish with this leader-ender project.

Two reasons why it is slow:

1. Two leader-ender projects going at the same time.  This one and four-patches.

2. Less sewing time than I would like.

But, slowly is better than not at all, and the quilt is starting to take shape.

Just in case you were wondering, 2″ squares into 36-patches.  Two-inch squares are my favorite size!  By the way,  36 times 36 is…1296.  COOL!

9 thoughts on “Eighteen of Thirty-six

  1. That’s going to be an exciting quilt and I agree with you that 2 inch blocks are my favorite.
    Lillian @ lillianscupboard.wordpress.com

  2. i love this..i call it my rainbow quilt..i am not needing to do a leader ender with the current quilt i am working on..i just chain stitch all the pieces then all the blocks etc..and i got confused when i tried it before as a leader ender…was getting the colors in the wrong order..you have done a great job…i love it..i make one block at a time and then move back to my quilt..lol..

  3. I love it and I am saving all of my scraps to make one. Started cutting them out.
    Can’t wait to get enough to start making one.

  4. They look so terrific laid out like that! What a lovely colorful quilt that will be. I don’t get anything quite that bright since I use the repro shades and tints more. This is going to be so beautiful! A perfect winter-time bright spot.

  5. Oh my word! You are one busy gal! I’m loving these rainbow colors! I need to figure out (or learn) little shortcuts so I can make a lot more quilts in my little 24 hour day! My Bucket List keeps getting longer and longer because of all the cute things you’re making! 🙂

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