At the suggestion of Melody, a helpful new reader (Welcome, Melody), I have added a bit of technology to this little blog:  Print Friendly.

At the end of each post you may notice little buttons that offer a Print Friendly or a Print option.  Please, try them out, perhaps on a tutorial you are interested in, and let me know how it goes.  Do they work?  Do you like them?  Which do you prefer?

Her original suggestion was for PDF files of all of the tutorials.  That is a great idea, but more time intensive than I can do right now.  Possibly if the print options do not prove effective I can add that to future tutorials.

I hope this makes Wedding Dress Blue a bit more user-friendly.  Ahhh…the wonders of technology.

8 thoughts on “Ooooo…Ahhhh…Technology

  1. thank you deanna and also melody for offering this print feature..when i print off a tutorial i get all the comments and things i don;t need if i don;t sit here and watch it i appreciate that..i am one who has to have the instructions right there with me and my sewing machine and computer are nowhere near each thanks for that..i appreciate it..

  2. Very Very Cool!!! Thanks many bunches to the 2 of you. As a complete and utter Techno-tard you have no idea how much you have helped the nearly helpless! Were all things fixed so easily………

  3. Yep, worked like a charm. I went to the print friendly and saw the option for .pdf. I clicked and it turned it into a .pdf, then a download button came up and it downloaded perfectly as a .pdf. Thanks!

  4. This is really great. I usually copy and paste from browsers but this works so well.
    Lillian @

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