Modest Thrift

Saturday I went to the thrift store because Daughter needed a new pair of pants.  One pair of her school pants had died a very untimely death over a ballet move that those pants weren’t designed for.  Thank goodness for the uniform bank at school. But that is a story for another day.

At the store I found pants.  And, to my great surprise, a pair of dress shoes that Young Son desperately needed.  He is a hard size to fit.

On my way out, this dress caught my eye.

Eeeep!  It is wonderful!  But, a little (make that a lot) low in the front.

But, it is only $3.50.  And a great color.  And the right size.

Do we compromise?

Of course not.  We can sew.  We can fix this.

Based on a tutorial for a Faux Cami from the Moda Bake Shop, I fashioned Daughter a little layered piece for under the dress.

Yes, much better.

And she is happy!  And can wear it without having to worry.

That is one of the points of modesty–to be comfortable in your own skin and comfortable in your clothes.  Important at any price.

12 thoughts on “Modest Thrift

  1. I saved that Faux Cami pattern to my favorites and I know I’m going to use it. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cute dress! There are not many places I like better than a good thrift store.I honestly haven’t been in a mall in nearly 12 years! Who needs that aggrivation at those prices?Second hand all the way for me-I love the challenge and the savings. You just cannot beat those faux camis. My D.i.L is rather graciously endowed and very modest,I think I’ve made her at least 10 in different colors/fabrics and trims. They aren’t cheap to buy new either.I love that dress fabric!

  3. the dress and the fabric is beautiful!!!! it fits her perfectly…you are so clever with recycling clothes…and that makes me want to visit the 2 thrift stores near me very soon…thank you for showing us that…

  4. I love thrift stores and making clothes fit me and my style – I’ve used that “dickey” approach many times in my life. It must be inspiring for you to be able to see your work on such a beautiful model.
    Lillian @

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