Quilt Tested

The big fear when writing patterns is that I will make a mistake.  A boo-boo.  A whoopsie.

And, it will cause problems for you.  You might cut your last piece of your favorite fabric and the whole thing will go poof! into a hole because a dimension was off.

I test myself.  Usually, I make two versions before I post anything, just to make sure.  But, you never know.

It is a great relief when the first person lets me know that the directions worked for them, too.

It was fun to make and all of [the] measurements and instructions were perfect.”

Thank you, Lillian.  Your version of Sew Small Sampler is lovely!

OK, if you have been holding off and saving that special scrap, now is the time to jump in.  The pattern is officially declared safe.

5 thoughts on “Quilt Tested

  1. i really like it..have not made it yet but intend to as a birthday gift wall hanging for a friend…thanks for letting us see that..i don;t think i’ve come across any mistakes in any of the tutorials of yours that i have done..thanks for the very good instructions..

  2. Haha! I so understand (well, sort of). When I did the tutorial for the table topper I created, I asked a friend to test it out for me before it got published! Hey — I’m happy to be your tester, any time! LOL! 🙂

  3. It’s just that we know what we’re doing and putting it into steps for someone else we forget what they don’t know. LOL. I don’t do things the same way other people do, so it’s always a surprise when someone even attempts something I’ve put up! You did a great job of directions, and Lillian made a super example.

  4. Thank you for the kind words – it was so pleasant working with clear, accurate instructions and measurements.
    Lillian @ lillianscupboard.wordpress.com

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