Your Opinion Needed

Your opinion needed:

How do you feel about square quilts?

Is 70-inches square a totally wonderful or completely useless size?

Seriously, I would like your thoughts, please.  I have an idea for a quilt that could be made to use some scraps and share as a tutorial and have a giveaway and all that fun…but what if it were square and sort of an odd size? My feelings will not be hurt by kind honesty.

Oh, there will be three size options, with 70″ being the largest. But they are all square. I can’t seem to make the quilt not square.  Who knows, maybe that is a good thing?

HINT:  Charm squares.  Quite a few charm squares.  Not 2000.  More like 750.

25 thoughts on “Your Opinion Needed

  1. i think that would be a good size to do…a twin size quilt is 63″ wide so it would be a wider shorter version of a twin size but to me would be great to go on the back of the couch or futon in the family room or as i like to call them–a takeabout quilt–you know in the car, to a picnic, throw on the floor for the kids to play on..that sort of thing..also would make a great wall hanging..i love quilts for wall hangings…i would love to do it..

  2. I like squares … it’s what I tend to quilt, too. Seventy inches square is a nice ‘cuddle on the couch’ quilt, right?!? I mean it’s what … 5’10” — perfect to cover neck to toes and tuck in for two (or three if they’re small) bodies or for a dinner-on-the-grounds picnic quilt! I say GO for it!

  3. Square quilts are just fine with me….I have made several. All quilts don’t have to be large rectangles, we all love cuddle quilts!

  4. I make a lot of my quilts square in different sizes. If I am not using them for quilts they make great tablecloths. I love to put them on my table.Especially the scrappy ones.

  5. Two thumbs up for square quilts! In our home, it’ll be the one that lives on the back of the sofa and everyone reaches for to snuggle with in the evening. I think the smaller ones look great tossed on the dining room table. Looking forward to seeing your design!

  6. Square is not my favorite shape -namely because I like a quilt on my side of the bed and hubby does not, so the square ones “encroach” too much – but on the sofa they work fine, and some designs just NEED to be square.

  7. Square is not favourite choice, actually I go out of my way to make mine rectangular even if the pattern is for a square one. I just make extra blocks and add to length. Not all work this way and some I have made square. A double bed is the only bed I think suits a square quilt. Single and queens I always make rectangular. I fitted new curtains and blinds this week in my bedroom and now the bed needs a new quilt. Any excuse to make a new quilt..wink…wink. Queen size it will be and rectangular at that. Wider this time than longer. I also do not like my quilts to cover the pillows. Looking forward to your tute and fun give-away.
    PS. I really love your discussions here.


  8. Of course a quilt can be square!! I remember way back when it was unheard of to have or create round afghans and look at how popular those are now. You might be in on the ground floor of a new trend. I say go for it!!

  9. Thrilled to see all the positive answers. I asked once early in my blog and didn’t hear back. I far prefer square quilts. and 70″ works. Who says every quilt has to be bedspread size?????

  10. I’ve made square quilts and never thought much about it. I think it would be a great size to cuddle with or take along in the car. My kids used to always take blankets to use if they were cold or to use as a pillow.

  11. I don’t think there’s any such thing as a useless size or shape of quilt. Go for it.
    Lillian @

  12. there are no quilt police. I made a 100 inch square quilt once, too big for my bed. I like my square ones about 50 – 60 inches, just easier to handle for machine quilting.

  13. I have a quilt that I made called Moda Postcards and it is 70 inches square. I use it all the time on the sofa and it is fine. On the bed, I often place it diagonally over a solid colored comforter and it looks really neat. I’d say it is a handy size and you should make one that size according to your plan.

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