Color Catcher To The Rescue

Daughter was recently working on a quilt and came to me VERY UNHAPPY.  As she was ironing the top she sprayed it as part of her pressing process and the orange batik scrap RAN!!!

A very noticable orange stain on her white background fabric.  (I wish I had a picture of it.)

At that point she had to make a choice:

1. Ditch the quilt.  Throw it away and pretend it never existed.

2. Tear it out.  Pick out the offending fabric and everything that was damaged and try again.

3. Develop selective blindness.  Finish the quilt, pretend the stain wasn’t there and hope no one else cared.

4. Forge ahead.  Finish the quilt and try Color Catcher.

She chose option #4.

I had never tried Color Catcher myself, but had heard about the product and decided it was worth a try.

So, one box of Color Catcher.  (Did you know there are 24 in a box?  I thought that was a pretty good buy.)

A very nervous wait for the washer to cycle.

The moment of truth!

Plenty of color on the Catcher. None on the quilt. (OK–Make that CatcherS. I was worried and put two in. One would have been enough.)


This quilt is now a finish. 

And it has a cute back and label.

Thank you Color Catcher.

PS–This is not a paid review, and I am not affiliated with Color Catcher in any way except as a satisfied customer. And relieved mother.

13 thoughts on “Color Catcher To The Rescue

  1. you just sold me on that product…i have seen it advertised and wondered if it would really work..thanks for letting us know..and i am soooo glad it worked for sparkle would have been sad to have done all that work and then lose it all..quilters everywhere thank you..!!—–gorgeous quilt and the back is just perfect and so is the border…

  2. Color catchers are worth their weight in gold at my house. I make a lot of charity quilts and don’t buy quilt shop quality fabric, so I depend on them constantly and they’ve never failed.

  3. You sold me!!! I’ve seen it but have not bought it- that will change for sure. The company ought to send you a case of their product. You have proof with pictures and are a way better spokeswoman than those on their commercials. Please tell Sparkle Jane her quilt is just wonderful and the backing is perfect. That is some lucky doll to be wrapped in that! Everything is lined up and on point,corner to corner. I had a tough time mastering that when I started, I’d say she’s got that down and under control. I can only imagine what her work will be like down the line. Looking forward to seeing it!

  4. I use them for my first wash – and with my regular laundry often, but have never thought of using them on fabric that has already run… so glad to hear that worked. LOVE her sense of color – she’s a natural!!!

  5. I always wash my batiks before I sew them – they always run. Some reds, greens and blues as well of regular quilting cottons too. And then I still use color catchers when I wash a quilt. They are a lifesaver.

  6. Another cute quilt by your daughter! I’ve heard bits and pieces about color catchers, but didn’t know much about them. I’m so glad they worked for you and your daughter! I’m going to have to get a box to keep on hand!!! 🙂

  7. A beautiful quilt – so glad it was saved by Color Catchers. I use it all the time.
    Lillian @

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