Regular Maintenance

Sewing machines are our dear working companions.

Take care of yours.

Choose a regular maintenance schedule.

I fill five bobbins at a time. When they are empty, even when I am right in the middle of something, I take a few minutes and give my machine a little care–clean out the lint, oil, check the needle (No, I am not so good as to change it every time).  It keeps her running happily along.

5 thoughts on “Regular Maintenance

  1. I could not agree more! Even though I have a newer machine that is 6 or 8 years old my primary machine is a Kenmore from 1960 that is belovedly named old school and is a dead ringer for my late mothers machine. I am a bit fanatic about the upkeep,oiling,cleaning and general maintenence,going far beyond the manuals guidelines. Lint will migrate to the darndest places! I did but a Sidewinder to take the bobbin winding chore off the machine and absolutely love it. A set of mini vaccum tools are also very helpful and can be purchased for about 10 bucks. I dearly love my old dear and do not see her retirement anywhere in the future.The younger machine gets a fair amount of use and the same type of upkeep routine. I,m happy to say both are issue free and have their own places of honor.Proper maintenence is most definately worth the time and effort-it really isn’t that much when compared to the trauma of a preventable breakdown.

  2. my worst fault is not oiling my machine which is about 20 years old…a kenmore..but my favorite and best machine died a couple of years ago..also a kenmore bought in 1978 brand new for $79 in a is not a portable..but it had been cleaned and cleaned and taken in for repairs til they ran out of parts for it..but this portable is doing good..i just cleaned it yesterday but didn’t oil it..guess i will go do that right now before i start sewing this afternoon..don;t know why i hate that job so..thanks for the reminder….

  3. I do it every 5 bobbins, too! I only take the bobbin race out every 10, though, because I always have trouble putting it back in. It’s me, not the machine. I think I have a mind set about it that just says, “You’re going to have a hard tie with this.”

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