A Pin Winner

I was surprised and pleased that so many of you were interested in the Utah Quilt Guild pin that I offered to share. Too bad I don’t have more of them!

But, since there is only one, it is being mailed off to:


Who said,

“Oh, wow!!  I love this pin!!  I live in St. George, Utah taking care of my 94 year old Dad and my International Siggie block has a beehive on it with little bees swarming around!!  This would bee a wonderful addition to my collection!!  Thanks for this opportunity!!”

Enjoy! Another giveaway coming soon to celebrate Fading Charms, a new pattern in the works.

PS–Do any of you have 2-1/2″ charms you would like to share/swap? My husband might find this surprising, but I don’t actually have 750 unique fabrics.

8 thoughts on “A Pin Winner

  1. congrats Kris!!!!! and yes i do have some 2.5 squares and they will be in the mail as soon as it stops snowing here in the thumb of michigan..so far about 4″ and on to 8″ before the day is done!!!! winter finally decided to arrive..can hardly wait for the fun with the fading charms quilt..have most of mine cut…

  2. I realize this is a few days late but i absolutely have oodles of 2.5 charms I would be happy to share with you. I’ve been involved with the postage stamp swap thru curious quilter and at this point counting out and mailing another stack just fits right in. get me your info and if you’re looking for anything in particular and I’ll get them out to you. Why is it so much less work when you’re cutting for a swap?

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