I Didn’t, But Daughter Did

I didn’t sew much the past two weeks, but Daughter did.

She has been busy creating new, little quilts.  It is so rewarding to see how she is growing as a quilter.

Like me, she is really more of a piecer.  The tops tend to build up for a while until she breaks down and does a serious round of quilting and binding.  You can expect several more finishes this week.

New patterns and color combinations.  Each work a unique experiment.

She also has a lap-size quilt, called Sunflower Dreams, nearly pieced.  It shows great promise. 

You can see all of her work in the SMALL QUILTS FOR SALE tab above.  Her industry is really paying off in a growing savings account.  What an unusual way for a child to pay a share of college. Do you think anyone will believe it?

6 thoughts on “I Didn’t, But Daughter Did

  1. she is so clever in her patterns..and colors..you have done a great job influencing her with your beautiful work..and we all let tops pile up before we do anything..i’d much rather cut then piece than finish…beautiful work..i’m so proud of her as i know you are..nope nobody will believe she sewed her way thru college!!!! great!!!!(i love sunflower dreams)

  2. What a fabulous collection on the bed! I love that she loves what you and I love so much. =) The sunflower dreams looks very promising. I can’t think of a better way to help pay college expenses! Or a mission. Or a house downpayment. Or . . . she’s going to need to keep quilting for a very long time! LOL

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