Dump Dump Stir

I am most fortunately blessed with a helpful husband.  He is a good cook and willing to help carry the load around the house when the load gets heavy, as it has lately (more on that story soon).

One of Husband’s specialities is known as Dump-Dump-Stir.  It used to be called Five-Cans-Of-Stuff, but the new name is more descriptive. Because sometimes the ingredients don’t come from a can.

The recipe is simple. Basically you take whatever you have, dump it in a pot, stir, cook for a while and call it dinner.

This particular variation was a sort of Cuban-ish Chicken Stew with lime.  Leftovers…elevated.

The name might be odd, but the results speak for themselves.

6 thoughts on “Dump Dump Stir

  1. my kind of cooking…my mother would have called that ‘slumgullion’..i have it quite often and sometimes it is really delicious and then there are times when it needs something..but yours looks really good—or should i say his??? thanks for the cute story..

  2. My mom made something similar she called junk soup. Essentially it was tomato soup base with all the leftover meat and vegetables. I love these soup/stews that are different every time.

  3. I have to admit a lot of my weekday meals are some version of “dump, dump, stir”.

  4. It is my belief that there is a special sector of paradise that is reserved for those often overlooked and generally undervalued knights in denim armor known as the helpful husband. I too am blessed beyond measure to have one of my very own. For over 30 years he has been pinch laundering and stand-in cooking along with a myriad of other thankless necessities that fall under the umbrella term of everyday life. The truest level of value did not become apparent until the 3 boys we created in our spare time grew to manhood and began their own families. Each in turn had actually been paying attention and in turn picked up the mantle of their dads example and without complaint did and do whatever needs to be done to keep their own homefires banked and burning bright. To hear thank you from a d.i.l. for rasing such a man is a glorious honor beyond measure. I say don’t thank me-thank the block the chip came from. Nobody in our house ever said such a ridiculous phrase as “womans work”

  5. If I tried that, I’d have a mess, but Paul could have done it with ease. =) It’s been sometimes tricky to re-learn cooking after all the years he did it all!

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