Some unexpected (but very welcome) house guests joined our family for the past few weeks.  Getting ready for church, the man discovered that he had neglected to pack his cufflinks.  Emergency?  No way!

What do you think of these cufflinks?

They started out as this.

But, you have to look really close to tell.

And people wonder why I keep all those buttons on hand.

7 thoughts on “Cufflinks?

  1. LOL that is sooo good. Very creative. Reminds me of before I got married. I was having my hair done that morning and I was having my long hair put up. I forgot to bring a hair twistie. The hair place didnt have anything either. But they found a lavender pipe cleaner. So funny. And the colors my bridesmaides wore was lavender. LOL

  2. clever!! clever!! a friend lost one of her self covered buttons on a dress… just as she was leaving she noticed it was gone..could not find it..she called me and i took a piece of fabric out of the hem and covered a shank button the size of the ones on her dress and it worked perfectly..yes!! necessity is the mother of invention…

  3. I’m a bit rusty on verse, but I’m certain that somewhere in Proverbs 31 is something about a resourceful woman! I too confess to being a button fanatic! I come by it genetically, my grandma activated the gene when I was about 8 or 9 and I’ve had it ever since. I have thousands of the little lovelies in jars,lamps,treasure boxes and such all over the house. My own grand daughters really do not stand a chance! The oldest one and I like to sit and go thru them,we make up stories about where they have been.The little one is teething so we give her something else to chew on!

  4. That’s a wonderful idea. I have tins of buttons, too, and they do come in handy.

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