Explanation of “Busy”

At 8am on Monday, February 13 my phone rang.  It was the young woman we call our Foster Daughter.  “We have no where to sleep tonight.”

“We” means Foster Daughter, her husband, and their 5-month old baby boy.  And she’s pregnant. 

“Yes, you do have a place to sleep.  See you tonight.  We’ll get the whole story later.”

Some background: Foster Daughter came into our lives when she was 18.  As she was of age, her mother was no longer providing her with a place to live.  However, she was still in high school.  How could she work enough to pay for a place and still finish school? 

We had spare room–both one with a bed and in our hearts. So she moved in for about a year until she finished high school and a CNA course and could at least minimally support herself.  So, she was never legally a foster child, but we don’t know what else to call her. 

She and her husband were busy doing the “young and poor” thing when the rental home they were in was sold, and they received notice to move.  They thought they had a new place lined out, UNTIL MOVING DAY, when it was suddenly not available. Her mother has never been particularly reliable, and his parents turned them away because they “didn’t have room.” So, they called us. 

Low-cost housing is difficult to find, so we knew this might take a while, but how could we turn them down?

At Christmas we all read a story about a young couple who was turned away because there was no room in the inn.  People often say, “How could you do that? Couldn’t you find some space SOMEWHERE?”  Also, there is scripture about “I was a stranger, and you took me in.” 

I am just simple-minded enough to believe that when Christ asked us to do these things, He really meant it.  Thus, the reason my life has been busy lately.

They moved into their new place today.  The house seems empty tonight.  But, my heart is full of gratitude for my many blessings, one of which has been sharing our lives with this young family.

This blog will return to the regular program of quilting and such soon, but sometimes one has to make time and space for life as it really happens.

17 thoughts on “Explanation of “Busy”

  1. I’m so glad to know someone who does take those words at face value! You all did a wonderful thing and blessed both families at the same time. I’m so glad they were able to find some place affordable. I know it’s hard to feel that you can’t take care of your family.

  2. how wonderful that you found a place for them and you are not even blood relatives..i could never turn a blood relative away..i don;t understand it..you have already been blessed for all the good work you do..and you will forever be blessed…thank you for being the kind of people you are..i admire you so much…..p.s. this blog is not just about quilting..it would be very boring if it was..it is about a colorful life that you and your family live which happens to include quilting..

  3. How wonderful of you to open your hearts & home to this child and her family. My mother did the same to a 14 year old girl who was kicked out of her home by her mother because she was a distraction for the mother’s boyfriend. That girl became my sister in every sense of the word and a daughter by choice to my mother. We lost her last year to cancer and the world is a bit dimmer for the loss. But the joy we all shared because of my mother’s open heart was indescribable.

    I hope their new home is warm and safe.

  4. I thank the Lord you where there to help them. Its too bad too many people dont see that they can help, but are suspisous of everyone. As we know you have made rewards in heaven. God is ultmatly in control
    Bless you and your husband
    Maybe the story at Christmas time planted some seeds in their minds.

  5. What a blessing! I know that this couple will never forget that you lived what you believe and gave them shelter when they were in need. Hopefully they will be able to pass that on someday when they are in a better place.

  6. Oh, I love it! We had a sibling group in our home over the holidays and it was a tremendous blessing in the end. I commend you for seeing a need and meeting it!

  7. What a wonderful story! It’s always to our benefit too open our hearts and homes when the call comes. I can’t tell you how many strangers we have given a place to lay their heads at night and the joy we received from sharing what we had with them. All we ever asked in return was that they pay it forward to someone else.

  8. You are a wonderful person to do this and what a great example to others. Your foster daughter will always remember how you took them in and do the same for others in the future. :o)

  9. You did exactly what we knew you would! Our family also has the unfortunate task of knowing a mother such as this girls- I can name a few words to follow her name that I am quite sure we all can fill in. Enough about the mess- We also have the daughter of our hearts because of her. She came for a weekend when she was 15, that was 7 years ago. Now she works in management at Meijers, goes to college full time [for the most part] and has a “project child”[ her words not mine] of her own. Tough sometimes,you bet Regrets, never!

  10. sometimes family is made of many extra people -and that makes it even more dear. So glad you could be there for them…. everyone’s lives are richer!!!

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