Mancala And Another Use For Buttons

Do you know Mancala

It is a simple, highly addictive game, more or less the African version of checkers.  Played around this house often. Particularly by Daughter and her Best Friend.

But we didn’t have our own gameboard.  The enterprising children were using empty egg cartons.  But, the deep wells were hard to get the pebbles out of.

The local thrift store yielded two mancala boards this weekend.  Oh, there was happiness.  One board will stay here.

The other will go to school for rainy-day entertainment.  That is where the buttons come in.  They are stand-in pebbles.  But, the pebbles needed a container. And that is where I come in.

Small draw-string bag.  Made out of 5″ charm squares.  Nothing fancy or amazing, but efficient.  Now, every child has a board, and every board has pebbles, and all pebbles have containers, and all is right with the world.

I thought a tutorial for the draw-string bag, simple though it is, might come in handy.  So, that is coming soon.

8 thoughts on “Mancala And Another Use For Buttons

  1. We have played many, many rounds of Mancala here in our house (and camping and traveling)! The pebbles are so easily lost! Right now there is a hair band around our board trying to keep the pebbles inside. What a great idea to put them in a draw-string bag! I could probably even make one of those! 🙂

  2. High-fives on the thrift store find!! I don’t know how our house could function without a handful of much loved thrift stores and the wonderful yard sale! I’ve been shopping at these places since long before it was cool and have successfully passed the gene on to my kids. I’m a sucker for a good tote bag and this is a size I could use many of! Thanks for the idea,I do believe I will be making these within the week!

  3. We played Mancala a LOT when my children were growing up — it was definitely a favorite! Way to score on the two boards! And buttons — is there anything they *can’t* do?!? LOL!! 🙂

  4. How lucky to find them at the thrift store! I have played that with my students in the distant past, as a math game. =) Love the little bag.

  5. Everyone seems to have better thrift stores than me! Of course it would help if I went more regularly to my local stores as it is always hit or miss as to what they will have, no matter where you live.

    By the way, I passed along a little award to you on my blog today. I enjoy your blog so much!

  6. I’m not familiar with the game, but it looks like fun. Also fun to find something you really want at a thrift store.

  7. i have never played this game but have heard of it..will watch for a board at our goodwill store and then learn to play the game..i have buttons for stones whole family likes to play games..

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