And It Only Took Three Years

The Jewel Box top is complete.  And it only took three years.  I started cutting the fabric in the spring of 2009. (I had thought it might be four years, but after checking on a few things, it is verified as 2009.  Still not very comforting.)   Saturday night, rushing to beat dinner, I put in the last stitches piecing the border.

When I got it out this time I vowed it would not be put away again without being a complete top.  It measures approximately 92″ x 108″.

I tried a little something different in the corners of the picket fence border.  Time to work on mitering again.  It is easy to get out of practice.

It doesn’t look like a three year quilt.  It isn’t particularly difficult or time-consuming.  I just let myself…well, I don’t really know, but I definitely let myself not finish. 

Until now.

Done is good.

19 thoughts on “And It Only Took Three Years

  1. done is GREAT!!!! it is beautiful…and i love the border…i know how these quilts can get laid aside for another one…it is beautiful and well worth the the rainbow effect of the colors..

  2. It was worth the three years. =) Doesn’t matter how long it takes, does it? It takes what it takes. Are you quilting it or sending it out? It’s such a big one! Beautiful and I like your experimental corners.

  3. It’s beautiful! Remember how long it takes for us to “cook” a baby and they are so worth the time it takes. We’ll have the babies and the special quilts in our hearts forever.

  4. Congratulations on a beautiful finish! I will tell you each of my bed size quilts takes 9 months, and the grandmother’s flower quilt I am working on is as old as my blog. Three years is a mature quilt!

  5. I bet you did the happy dance when you laid it out, all finished!!! That is so beautiful!!! I’ve gotta try one of these kinds of quilts someday when my sewing skills are a bit (ok, a LOT) better! :o) Good job!!!

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