Slightly Embarrassed Gratitude

When I asked if there might be someone willing to share 2-1/2″ squares with me, I hoped for a response, but didn’t really expect one.  Ha, I should know better!  My readers are quilters, after all, the most generous people on the planet.

Mary in Michigan sent several, along with some fabric that Daughter immediately claimed and went off to gloat over.

Katie Q added these nicely packaged beauties.

Roberta sent a carefully cut and tied package.

Carol sent scraps to cut, also welcome in this scrappy project. (No “before” picture, but here are a few of the “afters.”)

And Pat rounded out the batch with several of her own (LOVE the Umbrella).

It is slightly embarrassing to be the recipent of such generosity.  But, thank you all so very much.  I am sewing now, preparing the tutorial/pattern for a new scrap quilt:  Fading Charms. 

I hope you will all enjoy it.  Coming soon….

7 thoughts on “Slightly Embarrassed Gratitude

  1. good grief!!!! you give us so much pleasure with your blog..why can;t we do something for you without you being embarassed..there isn;t a one of us you would not go out of your way for..i love the fabrics you have close-to-800 squares are ready and waiting for the tutorial..sooo much fun..and if i was a betting person i would bet you got very few duplicates..enjoy …..

  2. The award for “charming” presentation of charms has got to go to Roberta!! Too cute with the little string bow! The bar has officially been raised,no more sticking them in a baggie and being done with it! Glad you got so many- we quilters do so love to show off[and add to] our stash!

  3. That’s wonderful that you got all of the squares you need. I have almost 800 ready, also.

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