Daughter’s Doings

Daughter, also known as Sparkle Jane, has been quilting away. 

Here are three recent finishes:

Blue and Green Bowtie with Vintage Back

Green 16-patch

Bright Bowtie with Orange Back

You can see her work, available and sold, in the SMALL QUILTS FOR SALE tab above.  She is still working on Sunflower Dreams, a larger throw.  Also, a few new designs. I wonder who set the bad example of multiple projects going at once?

9 thoughts on “Daughter’s Doings

  1. i know who set that “bad” example of multiple quilts started at a time!!!!! they are so pretty and such pretty colors..i am glad she is doing so well..can hardly wait to see the sunflower dreams quilt…thanks for showing them to us..

  2. I’m sorry but I do not believe “multiple quilts” and “bad example” ever belong in the same conversation-let alone the same sentence!! That is some really nice work she’s doing. The Bow -tie is just darling,the spring colors make me wish for the season. Keep it up girl, and you’ll be an awesome master quilter by the time you graduate high school! Sure is fun to watch!!““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`

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