Friday Night Sew-in Report…Ahhh!

Young Son was at a Boy Scout function.  Daughter was with a church group.  Husband was working.

It was just me and the sewing machine…Ahhh!  Sweet time.  About 4 hours.

As part of a complete splurge, I prepared backs for three quilts that are being sent out for quilting.  There is such a surplus of finished tops in my life that I do not have the skill to machine quilt, nor the time to hand quilt.  So, three of them are going out for some simple quilting that will allow them to be truly finished.

Then, my attention was all for the Fading Charms Quilt.  It is coming along nicely.  In fact, it will be a finished top this week with a tutorial to follow very soon. If you are following its progress and are eager to get started on one of your own, the first step is a single 100-patch.  Yes, 10 charms by 10 charms.  I am using 2-1/2″ pieces, but you can also use 2″ or even 1-1/2″ if you like. 

So, I am feeling great with so much sewing time.  One can easily stitch away nearly any of the little bumps of life.  Hmm…if we could get world leaders to start a quilting club…

8 thoughts on “Friday Night Sew-in Report…Ahhh!

  1. i vote for world leaders to start a quilt club!!!!!! i almost got the twin quilt top finished but am redoing the borders…and now i will get to my 100 patch…thanks for showing us your progress…it is so good to have something finished and ready to quilt..

  2. The 100-patch quilt is something I’d like to try. I’m just really getting into sewing, and quilting’s my next big project that I want to tackle. And doing something with so many small pieces might be a challenge and take longer, but I think it will look better in the end.

  3. I am collecting 2 inch charms for a postage stamp quilt, so I am excited to see what yours is going to look like completed. Sounds like a fantastic FNSI!

  4. I’m glad you are making progress on your quilt. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I have to admit, I clicked on the picture to enlarge it to see if I could spot any of the charms I sent. I actually saw some. How exciting is that?

  5. Let us be the leaders and start the quilting club ourselves. I am liking the look of your Fading charms quilt. Roll on tutorial.
    I quilted my latest 2 quilts this week and to-day I quilted a top that has been in my cupboard since 1997. That makes me happy and if the pick-up truck from the Salvation Army comes early enough to-morow to pick up some furniture I no longer need I will quilt another that has been around since 1997 also.


  6. Anxious to see the tutorial for the Faded Charms quilt. I have my first 100-patch block completed of 1-1/2 inch charms.

  7. Glad you got the free time to spend sewing. Sounds like it was really productive. Looking forward to seeing the Faded Charms quilt too. Think it’s going to be another one of your tutorials I want to do!

  8. What a lovely evening! I heartily agree … let’s get our world leaders involved in a quilter’s bee. Let ’em stitch out the world’s problems! LOL! 🙂

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