Whoops! Try more like…

850 charms.

Yep, I just didn’t count until now, but the actual grand total number of tiny fabric squares needed to make a Fading Charms Quilt is: 846.

Sorry about that.

But, the good news is that if you are using 2-1/2″ squares that totals up to over 3-1/2 YARDS of fabric. What a bargain! I love scraps!

And, just in case you are going for a different size option, 846 2″ squares is about 2-1/3 YARDS of fabric. And, 846 1-1/2″ squares is about 1-1/3 YARDS. Still, a lot of fabric for cheap.

5 thoughts on “Whoops! Try more like…

  1. Well my guess was definitely off. I tried counting the squares by looking at the picture and came up with 770. Sounds like either my math skills or my eyes need a tune up. I laid out the 100 charms for the center today. Hopefully, I can start sewing them by Friday.

  2. i had cut 800 anyway so i just have a few to go..i had fabric i hadn;t cut into so will do that while i remember which it is i could use..don;t worry..i would have been off way more than that…i have my hundred square done..and all of the pieces are different..this will be a true charm quilt..

  3. OK – back to the cutting board. I think I can find that many more different ones.

  4. Bless you for actually doing the math!! I just plan on cutting and cutting until I’m fairly certain my hand and fingers are going to cramp up and freeze that way!Besides,I’m planning on making several as gifts so my actual total is in the thousands. It might be intimidating if I didn’t just LOVE the look of all those little squares! And you’re so right about it being a bargain-that is one fact I intend on sharing with hubbo and other interested parties.

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