Three Small Things

Have your started making Christmas presents yet?  (Was that a groan or a scream?)  🙂 Well, I wouldn’t have either if it weren’t for Darlene and her Christmas Through the Year challenge.

Make a Gift ( or 2) Every Month in 2012

But, thanks to her I completed not one, not two, but three small things for Christmas this month.

Yep, mugs (From the thrift store.  Unused.  70-cents each) and small mug rugs or snack mats, as I prefer to call them.  A neighbor, Joye, also gets credit on this project as she gifted me the bag of leftovers that became these mats. 

They are planned as co-worker gifts for the nice people I work with at school. And, because they were so much fun to make, and maybe you are looking for a little project, too, I will be sharing a tutorial of sorts for  them later in the week.


14 thoughts on “Three Small Things

  1. i love them….i am working on items right now for an auction for a historical society in the area to help keep their museum going..tomorrow i think i will go to my local thrift store, get some mugs and make some of these to match…and i like ‘snack mats’ best too…thanks for the idea…canhardly wait for the tutorial…

  2. I have a hard time thinking about Christmas gifts before November, but yours look great.

  3. That’s a great idea, gathering gifts slowly as the year goes by. I’d do the same thing, but really, for me it isn’t worth it. Some of the common gifts I get for people don’t even get sold in stores until the holidays hit, and I gave up giving handmade gifts to people a few years ago, when it starts to get pretty obvious that my gifts were just getting put away and not used by the recipients, even when it was something they had asked me to make for them. I tend to steer clear of handmade gifts for most people nowadays, because of this.

    I love the idea of the mug rugs, though. They look great!

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