A Few Examples

Some people have been kind enough to send pictures of items they have made using  tutorials from here on Wedding Dress Blue.

Kelly has made not one, but two, Sew Small Samplers. That is brave with all those little pieces. She also sent along some helpful suggestions that should improve future tutorials. 

She said:

I really enjoyed making this mini.  It’s so fun and cheery! But, it did challenge more than I anticipated.  Piecing such small blocks, finished at 3 1/2″ inches, made me feel like a beginner.  I welcomed the practice though and enjoyed the time spent. 

And Susan quickly went to work on Fading Charms. She is mostly through two tops. By using existing 4- and 9-patches, she is making short work of the projects. One for herself, and one to donate.

Pictures  have been added to the GALLERY section at the end of each tutorial. Thank you for sharing!

8 thoughts on “A Few Examples

  1. thanks for putting those pictures on …i love them both..have my fading charms almost done..i do like the dark background..and i want to get one of the minis done for a friend for her birthday in the fall…i also have some 4 patch blocks i could use on another of the fading charms..thanks for the idea of how to use them Kelly…my next ones won;t be a true charm..lol

    1. Some 9-patches, some 16 patches, some rows of 3, some rows of 5. LOL And even some plain old squares! They were donations to the American Hero Quilts, and I knew this was the perfect way to use them.

  2. Thanks for sharing mine. I’ve managed enough time for a little more, but time is so short this week! I love the examples of your little quilt. She did a great job!

  3. That is really kind of them to share what they made. Both are gorgeous. They will look lovely in the gallery 🙂 It should make you glad that you shared the tutorial. Thanks again!

  4. These are beautiful! makes me want to get back to my sewing……just haven’t been in the mood lately. I wish it was because I’ve been out enjoying the weather but alas it’s just because I’m not in the mood to be doing either.

  5. I have my Fading Charms quilt completed and will be posting something next week. I really like it.

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