13 thoughts on “Old And New

  1. i recently went thru this experience..it still doesn’t feel like my old one but i am getting used to it..and i also replaced my blade….hint: take one of the good corners and cut it off about 6 or 8″ square to take to quilt classes for a mini mat…

  2. totally jealous! I love the feel of new notions…a new mat, new blade, some fabulous new fabric to slice and dice…too fun! congrats on you fabulous new mat! 🙂

  3. Ooh!! What I would give for that to be me!!! Lol, mine isn’t really all that old, but I do wish (often) that I was able to afford a lovely big new one!! I always seem to find myself pushing the fabric along … ending up with a piece that isn’t quite straight … Have fun with your new mat and blade!!! … Also, wishing you a great Easter weekend!!

  4. Congratulations on the new mat and blade! I did the same thing but now I have four small mats I use for trimming blocks…..seems we don’t wear out the corners of our big mats so they are almost like new and I don’t wear out the middle of my big mat!

  5. I was going to buy myself a new mat yesterday but someone bought the last one of the size I need. *sigh* More will be ordered but I have to suffer with my old mat for a little while longer.


  6. My matt too is quit worn. I use a 6 foot folding crafting table for my sewing machine at one end and my cutting matt at the other. A couple of months ago I turned my matt around to use the newer unused end because the end I was using had little cutting grooves in it. But that was 6 years of use, I’m hopeing I can get another 6 years use out of the newer unused end.

  7. What a coincidence – I just replaced my 10-year-old 12×18 mat last night (40% off at JoAnn’s). I have several bigger sizes, but this is the one I use all the time. Glad to see the comment about cutting off a good portion to make a portable mat.

  8. New toys are always such a treat!!! And just so you get those last gasps of life out of old reliable it will make a dandy coloring and glue mat for grandbabies and such! I love the comment about cutting off a portion for a portable mat,I will be making a grand daughter size mat. She likes to help grandma and this will give her a piece of equipment just like mine,but we will be waiting a few more years for the cutter! Here’s a question: do you have a tutorial for an I-Book holder/cover? I’ve only found one and did not care for it. Hope you can help!!

  9. Oh! Yes!! a new board and cutter makes for less pain in your neck, shoulders and hand. Another thing I have learnt is to keep moisture in your mat by giving it a dip in warm water periodically.

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