Harvest Sky…Varied

Harvest Sky by Aunt Em’s Quilts is a great pattern.  Scrap friendly. Unusual.  And, it turns out, adaptable.

A bag of scraps had some pre-cut squares that could substitute for some of the pieced stars.  The effect is not quite as spectacular, but it is faster.  And, sometimes it uses JUST the right scraps that you happen to have on hand. 

Also, I made only 12 blocks for this version, not 20, and did not add a border.  It finishes at a comfortable 48×60 inches.

This one REALLY IS going to my friend, unlike the last Harvest Sky quilt that was kidnapped at the last minute (by me), which you can read about HERE.

Again, my thanks to Emily Bailey of Aunt Em’s Quilts for a great pattern.  Simple enough for new quilters.  Interesting enough for experienced quilters.  And versatile.

11 thoughts on “Harvest Sky…Varied

  1. i love it!!!! love the colors…so rich…i really am going to make this one of these days…thanks for showing us the finished quilt..i like it without borders…you did a great job..isn;t it fun to get pre-cut squares??

  2. What a fabulous quilt!!! The colors are just perfect,stylish and peaceful at the same time,that muted and mottled green could become the new black in my book. This is my favorite example of how wonderful borderless can be.I do believe I’m going to have to add this pattern to the line-up. What a lovely thing to have greet me on a chilly Monday morning!

  3. I prefer your colors, and actually, Friendship stars are not my favorites, so I prefer your version. Either way, though, it’s a great pattern! Thanks for the link. I saw some great ideas there.

  4. Oh my! It’s gorgeous! What an amazing gift. Your friend is sure to treasure it. I really, really love this one. Great work!
    p.s. Do you ever sleep? How do you manage to make so many beautiful things?

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