There Is Finished, And Then There Is REALLY Finished

The three quilts I sent to be quilted are back.  Thank you, Tara, for fast service.

I have one of them bound, labeled and REALLY FINISHED.

It is from the Summer Stars Sampler Quiltalong that was hosted, oh, almost two years ago.  Yep, I hate to admit it, but this top “aged” that long.  (finish of top shared HERE, December 2010)

UPDATE:  It appears that the information and directions for the quiltalong are no longer available.  Sorry about that.

But, quick or slow, it is still a satisfying finish.

The quilt along was for the medallion center and the twelve large (12″) stars surrounding it. I added the top and bottom row of small stars and the pieced border to make it larger.

Shhh…don’t tell, but I am keeping this one, too.  It is on the bed in my sewing/laundry/guest bed-room.  It feels…almost naughty.  But not naughty enough to make me change my mind.  I guess I am just at a stage where it is time to keep a few quilts.  That ONE quilt was getting lonely.

16 thoughts on “There Is Finished, And Then There Is REALLY Finished

  1. I absolutely vote for naughty and what a prize to be naughty for! Sometimes it really is good to be bad!!! Definately worth the wait. I love the smaller star blocks along the top and bottom

  2. it is beautiful..if i remember correctly this made me decide i was going to do a blue and yellow quilt—which i still have not done..i would never ever even try that center medallion!!!! it sets it right off…and yes!!! you deserve to keep a few quilts for yourself and for your family and guests to enjoy…i would not let that one go either..beautiful and yes your quilter did a good quick job on them..can hardly wait to see the others..

  3. Super lovely … I love the combination of blue and yellow; I’ve always wanted to do a quilt in these colors! 🙂

  4. Samplers and pieced borders–two of my favorite things.The top and bottom rows of smaller stars add a lot to the design and fit right in, as if in the original plan.It always amazes me what a small detail,like change of size, contributes to pleasing design.

  5. If you’re going to keep one, that’s definitely a good one! It looks terrific! For years, I gave away quilts and had a Sears comforter on my bed, but no more!

  6. Beautiful quilt and a lovely quilting design. What a nice one to keep.
    Funny thing is I recognize the border fabric. When my son was a young teenager he would buy (have me) anything that was that colour with stars/moons on. He used to quilt but gave it up at 14yr. old once his mates found out. But he always would explain to them each time they came round what I was doing with all those blocks laid out on the floor. That border one especially was made into several pairs of bed shorts. He never did get a quilt made from the fabrics.It is his daughter that is my little fabric addict now.

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