Here Comes “Hundred Hugs”

Remember how I told you that our family had a double blessing coming our way?

This is definitely an occasion that calls for a quilt…or two.

Will you run away screaming if the directions start “make a hundred patch?”  I really hope not, because there was no other way I could fit a hundred hugs into each quilt.

18 thoughts on “Here Comes “Hundred Hugs”

  1. AWWWWW!! Now you pushed my misty,mushy Grandma buttons! 100 hugs is just too darling! Isn’t the circle the kiss? How about if you quilt [in Perle cotton] a circle into each hug? Now you’ve got it all covered!!Twins-how wonderful! When will they arrive?

  2. how darling!!!! i love Hundred Hugs for a name!!! and the quilts are beautiful–love the backings..yes i would be intimidated by making a 100-patch but i know it was fun from the start—just thinking of those babies that were going to carry those quilts around til they were nothing but threads!!!! good luck to the parents to be and the babies..may everybody be healthy and happy!!!!!

  3. That’s a beautiful idea, and such an inspiration! I can’t wait to see what the quilts look like when they’re all finished up!

  4. After Fading Charms, the shock value of, “make a hundred patch,” has probably worn off. How exciting to have 2 special someones to give hundreds of hugs to.

  5. 100 hugs, never enough. The quilts are beautiful and the backing is just right. It is getting very exciting. Two precious little bundles of endless hugs and kisses.

  6. Oh, I didn’t get it! I thought we weren’t sure if a boy or girl was coming, but DOUBLE blessings. Oh my goodness! So much fun!
    I will not run screaming, but I will have to wait awhile to start a 100 patch.

  7. So wonderful that you have the opportunity to welcome twins. I’ll be interested in seeing what you have in mind for this project.

  8. Yay for another quilt idea from you!!! Sounds like it’s going to be a good one, too! I’m so excited for you to have twins in your family! Double the fun!!! 🙂

  9. 100 hugs! How wonderful!! I have been working on a quilt from your 100 patch quilt. I just posted about it this morning and came over to say thanks for the great tutorial.

  10. 100 hugs sounds wonderful! I’m so happy for you. I am working on your 100 patch quilt and just posted about it today. I came over to thank you for the great tutorial.

  11. love the turtles and frogs -I have used those in baby quilts and they are some of my favorites. 100 Hugs is a wonderful quilt name -can’t wait to see them – and the recipients!!!

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