(Two) Hundred Hugs

With twins on the way, two quilts are required. 

I call it “Hundred Hugs.” The tops finish at 36″ square, a great size for new babies, or, a table topper or wall hanging.

But, these two will go to wrap babies.  A hundred hugs for each.  No where near enough.

The top is scrappy squares with a white background.

The backs are Lily Pond by Lily Slotbloom for In the Beginning Fabrics from 2009.

The tutorial/pattern will be ready later on this week.  Get your 2-1/2″ squares ready.  You will need about 220 of them.  Really.  I counted.

18 thoughts on “(Two) Hundred Hugs

  1. They turned out lovely. Great backing choices. Finished my last row for the Fading Charms, pressing to do, then I”m going to quilt as I go. yes, it’s all in pieces, just need the batting, going to use Hobbs 80/20 and will preshrink.

  2. i love them and i have lots of squares and will start picking out pinks and blues..i want to make some for our county Baby Pantry for new moms with little means..thanks so much and i can hardly wait for the tutorial..

    what lucky grandbabies you will be having soon…

  3. These little quilts are adorable! Hurry and get the tute up for them. My second great-grandbaby is due next month I would dearly love to make this for her.

    1. I appreciate your kind words about Hundred Hugs. It is always scary to put an idea out there and hope people don’t hate it. The tutorial should be ready before the end of the week. If you want a head start, you need about 220 2-1/2″ squares. I recommend a base color or two (pink and blue in these quilts) with about 10% each in contrasting colors (the yellow and green in these quilts) to give it sparkle.

  4. Such adorable quilts. I don’t need to make any at this time, but I’ll print out the tutuorial and keep it for the future.

  5. Well you certainly have been sewing up a storm! And nope, 100 is not enough, but its a good start! Both quilts are gorgeous and perfect for their introduction to a ‘cuddled in quilts’ childhood. I am smitten with those backing fabrics.

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