Civil War Finished

As part of my major splurge, I sent three quilts out to Tara, a local long arm quilter.  They have all come back and binding is now my main job. This weekend the Civil War quilt was finished, binding and all.  YAY!

The final quilt with this layout is about 66″x76″.  Large for a throw, but just right for two people to cuddle under.  It is planned as a Christmas present for special people in my life.

My favorite block in the quilt is probably the basket block.  I may have to make an entire quilt out of that one some day. (Why I can’t take a picture of this quilt with that block right side up is beyond me.)

The back is scrappy, as is the binding.

In the meantime, this quilt is folded and put away for a few months.  It may seem crazy to talk about Christmas this early, but I am certain I will be so glad when November comes.

Thanks to Barbara Brackman for hosting this quilt along with block patterns and interesting history lessons to boot.  She is turning it into a book, as I understand it, but you can still find  information and pictures of other quilts on the blog:

14 thoughts on “Civil War Finished

  1. You did a *terrific* job with this! I’m so glad to see it finished (and I know you are too)! Really very, very lovely — what a special treasure it will be for those special folks!! 🙂

  2. what a beautiful quilt..would have liked to have made it but just not enough hours in the day..i have to finish the others that i have started..and i am going to read all about it as i was born in Civil War country—near Chickamauga…i love the colors you chose..i’m sure your special people will love it..

  3. Beautiful! And one Christmas done is fantastic. I need to at least decide who will get something handmade this year soon and get started gathering supplies.

  4. Wow! The quilt came out fabulous. This will be a wonderful Christmas gift. I think you are a genius for planning this far ahead. I saved every one of Barbara’s blocks, but haven’t even made one of them. Seeing all of the lovely quilts that have been made really makes me want to start one of my own.

  5. I can’t believe you have another quilt finished! Your sewing machine must be burning up with all the work you’re putting it through! 🙂 This quilt is such a treasure!! I love how it turned out! What a special reminder of such an important time in our country’s history! A Civil War quilt is on my bucket list. Maybe someday . . .

  6. I love the dark sashing and it looks just perfect hanging on the rustic fence.

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