More Show And Tell

It is so exciting when people share their projects.  Who doesn’t love show and tell?  This episode has a theme:  Fading Charms!

Mary is a dear and faithful reader of this blog.  She sent along pictures of her Fading Charms quilt. 

Wow!  She is quick.  I particularly like the subtle pattern in the sashing. 

Thank you for sharing, Mary.

And Lillian finished one using 1-1/2″ squares.  So the overall size is only 36″.  Amazing! You should check out her blog.  Sweet stories.  Yummy recipes.  Pretty sewing projects.

And, Susan’s Fading Charms is also coming along.  As I understand it, this is one of two she is building.

If you are building a Fading Charms quilt, or any other project from Wedding Dress Blue, please consider sharing pictures of your finish.  I love to oooh and aaah over the variety. 

6 thoughts on “More Show And Tell

  1. Love the quilts Mary and Susan made. Hope to see some more in the near future.

  2. i am on my way to making another one with darker sashing which also has the small daisy print in it of my white sashing..i love this pattern…the 1.5″ one that lillian made is sooo pretty but i am not quite up to that but i might try a 2″ one..

  3. They both look great. I am selecting quilting patterns for mine now, and have backing fabric chosen. Can’t wait to get it all together now that I have seen these two.

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